Casein protein with milk or water

March 29, 2018
Digestion of Casein & Protein

Mix Whey Protein with water, not milkOn our packaging the instructions will tell you to mix our Whey protein powder with 55ml of water.

There is a very good reason why we should all be taking our post or pre-exercise protein with water. Profile Protein does tastes delicious and creamy without milk (many protein shake drinkers mix with milk to help with the taste), but there is another, very important reason that will benefit our bodies and maximise our potential.

Milk is made up of 2 proteins, Casein protein and Whey protein. Around 80% of milk protein is made up of Casein protein. Casein protein is known for its slow absorption by the body and anti-catabolic effect (it prevents muscle breakdown). It takes about an hour for your body to start to digest Casein protein.

The other 20% is Whey protein. Whey protein is known for it’s fast absorption by the body, your body can metabolize the protein quickly, helping to repair and build the muscle.

If you mix your whey protein with milk you are mixing Whey and Casein protein. Therefore you are slowing down the bodies ability to digest the protein, and missing the optimum time to nourish your body to aid recovery and growth.

At Profile Protein, we suggest taking your protein within 15 minutes of excerise and mixing it with water and not milk. Otherwise you are defeating the point of taking a protein shake away – to deliver protein to your muscles for recovery and repair.

Protein Shakes - Milk or Water?
Protein Shakes - Milk or Water?
Should You Mix Protein Shakes With Milk Or Water?
Should You Mix Protein Shakes With Milk Or Water?
Take Whey Protein with Milk or Water? | RambaFitness
Take Whey Protein with Milk or Water? | RambaFitness

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